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Blue Willow Studios is a creative & marketing studio focused on providing sustainable solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Whether you're building a company from scratch or looking to take your established company to the next level, we're poised to help you sustainably grow.




Brand Identity



Content Creation

Page Management


Web Design & SEO


Business Consulting


As Co-Founder and the Director of Performance, Henry comes from a performance marketing background with more than 5 years of agency and in-house experience & is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill where he majored in Business. He's worked with various clients ranging from local to global reach in the sport, home improvement, retail, and healthcare industries. He also founded a non-profit to support those born with cleft lip and palate - a birth condition he was affected by. He is passionate about helping others and improving his community in Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Kristien, Co-Founder and Creative Director, has worked across the tech and fashion industries for the better half of a decade, consulting on image-making, digital, and product design. With his multi-disciplinary art and design background, he has helped heritage brands and start-ups alike find relevance and prosper in abundant markets. Kristien’s view on creative business strategy stems from his strong belief in purposeful creation, and he urges others to hold passion in their purpose. A Chapel Hill native, much of his time is split between home and New York City.


With the combined experience across multiple verticals and sectors, we're confident we can assist you with all of your marketing and branding needs. We're also confident in the approach we take to achieve those goals - we understand the importance of creative and the impact it can have on a brand which is why we pride ourselves on being a creative-first agency while ensuring we're exceeding your performance expectations.

Blue Willow Studios is inspired by our 10+ year friendship; by continuously adapting, growing, and pivoting, we were able to persevere together in the face of continuously changing circumstances in each of our lives. This isn't so different from a willow tree known for its' long and flexible branches that can bend without breaking in harsh conditions and its' ability to rapidly regrow & regenerate after damage. In addition, we wanted to pay homage to our roots: Chapel Hill, North Carolina - whether it's for the Carolina blue skies or the University - the color blue holds a special place in both of our hearts. Lastly, we're passionate about improving our local community - supporting new and established brands - just like the leaves of a willow tree seem to touch the ground around its' base. 



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